Eat Scottish Venison Day

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I hope everyone is going to be eating Scottish Venison on Sunday 4th September to celebrate ‘Eat Scottish Venison Day’ or as I mistakenly called it ‘East Scottish Venison Day’ which might have upset the folk in the west.

We will be having venison medallions with a pepper sauce (au poivre to give it its posher title). Lovely. Melt-in-the-mouth pink rare steaks with creamy peppery sauce avec un soupçon of brandy.

I gave this dish to dinner guests once and everyone thought they were eating fillet steaks. I’m not sure what that says about venison – or fillet steak for that matter, but both are yummy so maybe they won’t mind. The medallions were not too dear either (or should I say two deer…?)

I can’t compete with Tom Kitchin’s excellent venison lunch last week, which probably included just about every single bit of the roe deer. Yes even the bits I would probably throw out. I wonder if you get a little bit more if it’s a boy deer (or buck to you). The male red deer is called a stag. Obviously any deer folk among you know that already, but for those who aren’t familiar with the animals, can you tell me what the female roe and red deer are called?